Hydraulic battery cleaner

MODEL: Pool Blaster Max CG

A commercial grade cleaner for any residential pool.

Designed to clean the largest in-ground pools easily and effortlessly, it uses an ultra-high flow pump to provide great power and suction.

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    • Rechargeable 300-500 cycle battery with Quick-Connect Plug.
    • Long life, 8-10 hour recharger.
    • Hi-Flow Vacuum Motor.
    • On-Board debris catcher with reusable, All-PURPOSE & Micro-filter Sand.
    • Built-In hanging, storage notch.
    • Quick-release telescopic pole connector.
    • Easy-Grip handles for step, stair & surface cleaning.
    • Wide diameter (1”).
    • Spot-Cleaning nozzle.
    • Dent, ding, and fade-proof, lightweight body.
    • Scrubbing brushes.
    • Cleaning coverage: 680m²/h.
    • Battery recharger included.
    • Run Time: Up to 1 hr.
    • Vacuum head width: 27cm.
    • Crevice corner Nozzle.
    • Unit size: 40 x 17 x 19cm.
    • Unit weight: 2.5kgs.

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