FAR infrared sauna


The purchase of an infra sauna with energy-saving RedLight™ carbon heaters not only saves money but helps to protect the earth’s resources.

High thermal efficiency reached 30% less than the energy demand of a metal heating element.

Gives an immediate feeling of warmth with a similar heating time to a bulb. In other manufacturers’ saunas, this time could take 15-20 minutes, during which time you must wait and your electric meter spins. Our infra saunas radiate solely in the so-called “far infrared rays” (fir) province, between 1.5μm and 15μm.

The skin absorbs far infrared rays faster. Gives similar thermal comfort to a fireplace fire. Doesn’t emit harmful, high-frequency electromagnetic and UV rays. Far infrared rays take effect directly on the body without the warm-up of the surrounding air.

Characterized longevity, 5000-7000 hours.

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    • Infrared sauna for 3 people.
    • Material: lump-free red cedar wood.
    • 6mm smoke colour safety-glass door and side panels.
    • Computerized control.
    • 6 pcs energy-efficient Redlight™ heaters: 2kW/230V.
    • Chromotherapy lighting (LED).
    • Built-in stereo FM radio.
    • Fan.

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