Submersible 2-exits pump with float


With a flow rate of 12,500 liters per hour, this vacuum pump allows you to empty a flooded cellar in no time.

It is capable of pumping slurry water, the size of impurities that do not exceed 35 mm. This powerful submersible pump has an automatic mode and a manual mode depending on your needs. It can be submerged in water to a maximum depth of 7 meters and can discharge water up to 8 meters above the pump.

To prevent overheating, this pump is designed so that the water surrounding it cools it. Maintenance and cleaning of the pump are very easy.

Cable 10m provided.

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    • Pump body: ABS-PPO plastic.
    • Moter head: Copper.
    • Max flow: 12.500Lt/h.
    • Solid material passage: 35mm.
    • Outlet diameter: 1¼” – 1½”.
    • Voltage: 230V/50Hz.
    • Usage: impure water.

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