Heat pump inverter

MODEL: i-model

High-quality heat pumps have become one of the best low-cost options to produce “Green Energy”.

Systems that are able to reduce energy usage and consumption are becoming more and more important.

Heat pumps represent a highly efficient and environmentally-friendly technology as most of the energy required to generate heat is taken from the freely available surrounding air, a renewable and inexhaustible source of energy.

Full DC inverter technology ensures more stable running than traditional ON/OFF units, allowing to maintain your pool water temperature at a more optimal level with reduced running cost.

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    • Full DC Twin-Rotary Inverter Compressor and Brushless DC Inverter Motor with infinitely variable speed.
    • Soft-starter (wide start-up voltage range).
    • Intelligent controller.
    • WiFi capability with a dedicated user-friendly app.
    • 3 operating modes (Silent / Smart / Boost).
    • Heating and cooling function.
    • Higher COP.
    • Lower noise (inverter technology and insulated compressor).
    • Smart defrost.
    • Very low working temperatures up to -15°C.
    • Environmentally-friendly R32 or R410 gas.

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