Meet the specialist in the manufacturing and distribution of pool, sauna and fountain products, since 1970!

For more than five decades, we have been "building" our technical expertise methodically and consistently.
Acqua Source S.A. is a family business founded in 1970 by Nikos Staras. Its main activity was the processing of bronze products and the manufacturing of brass pool and fountain materials. For more than five decades, Acqua Source has "built" methodically and diligently its technical expertise, employing strategies to secure growth, and constantly improve the quality of its services and products. In 1998, the company entered the international market and began its export activity. In 2000, the company acquired a building of 5,000m² and established a state-of-the-art independent production unit, located in Peristeri. Today, after 53 years, Acqua Source has a rich range of products for swimming pools, hydromassages, saunas and fountains for professionals and individuals, while "exporting" Greek technical expertise to more than 40 countries worldwide.
The superiority of Aqua Source

Our many years of experience, our modern equipment, and excellent relationships with our customers and suppliers, are some of the elements that characterize and distinguish us.

50 years of active presence

We are among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of pool, sauna and fountain products.

5.000 m², autonomy

In our privately owned, state-of-the-art facilities, with an independent production unit.

100% advanced equipment

We are constantly investing in the renewal & modernization of our products, to meet all modern technical specifications, with high specialization and excellent technical expertise.

Dynamic export activity

We “export” our Greek technical expertise to more than 40 countries worldwide.

30 brand collaborations

Long-standing collaborations with brand companies abroad, that are distinguished for their modern and innovative products.

Safety and quality

Our products are manufactured according to the highest standards and specifications (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018)

We are constantly evolving to produce and provide even better services and a wider variety of products.

With strategic and reliable steps, Acqua Source benefits from its many years of experience, and aims for even higher accomplishments. It specializes in the manufacturing of pool equipment, such as polyester air filters, pumps, white and stainless-steel components, halogen and LED lights, transformers, water toys, equipment for pools, PVC-U components, etc. In addition, it manufactures fountain nozzles, LED lights for a wide variety of fountains, integrated KITs, floating fountains, systems with fixed or alternating design. In addition to specializing in pool and fountain equipment, Acqua Source imports and sells a wide variety of products such as pool cleaning and maintenance products, water toys, and hydromassage-spa and sauna products.

With a modern philosophy, necessary infrastructure and organization, technical specialization and training, we ensure the high quality of our services and products. We monitor and control the overall operation of the company at every level, so that each process is fully in line with the requirements of international standards, regulations and directives. Our production unit has been certified according to international standards: Quality Management System [ISO 9001: 2015], Health & Safety at Work [OHSAS 18001: 2013] and Environmental Management System [ISO 14001: 2015]. We passionately continue our course, always improving the quality of our services, in order to offer our customers, the most reliable, productive and optimal solutions.
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We are everywhere!

With steady movements and strategic investments, Acqua Source A.E. is constantly strengthening its export power, promoting superior quality products to consumers and professionals in the global market.

Having a dominant presence in more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, the vision, soul, but also the top quality of Acqua Source products are reflected in its competitive advantage.

Factors contributing to our strategic success include the continuous investment in ongoing research, examination of the needs of the market, as well as the use of new technologies, in order to ensure complete and high-quality solutions with unparalleled reliability and flexibility.