Complete fountain KIT


Complete fountain kit ideal for district and smart decoration.

The kit includes all the necessary fountain units to form a complete fountain ready for operation. It is structured on a triangular-shaped base equipped with one light unit and one fountain nozzle. The base is made of stainless steel. Special stainless steel legs installed on the base are adjusting the height of the fountain kit.

The fountain nozzle can be selected from a number of different nozzles. All of them produce unique water effects illuminated by one light.

Stainless steel submersible pump, control panel and cable are also provided.

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    • Triangular-shaped base made of steel.
    • Height-adjusting legs made of steel, AISI-316.
    • One fountain light ULF-6H12012.
    • Fountain nozzle: fixed de lis jet ½”, SDL-60.
    • Submersible pump of 35W.
    • Control panel.
    • 5.0m of neoprene cable 5×1.5mm².
    • Suitable for small-sized fountains.
    • Maximum spraying height: 0.7m.
    • Minimum diameter of fountain basin: 1.2m.
    • Maximum diameter of fountain basin: 1.5m.


    • Lights of 24V, 42V, 110V or LED.
    • Different cable length.
    • Fountain nozzles: Mushroom Jet, Morning Glory, Surface Aerating Jet, Turning Jet, Smooth Bore Jet.

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