Jet Stream


Just because your Swimming Pool was not constructed with a JetStream fitted, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Counter Current Swimming.

The Trevi is a Counter Current System which can be retrofitted to any existing Swimming Pool or above-ground pool.  It mounts onto the pool deck and simply requires a power supply to operate.  It comes complete with its own built-in pump, and pneumatic on/off switch.

The built-in pump delivers up to 12 litres per second of water flow, and the swivel nozzle is compatible with the massage accessories, meaning this isn’t just a Counter Current System, but a Massage Station also.

For an added sense of luxury, the Coco Lux adds an integrated 100W light which turns the Trevi Lux into a focal piece for your pool at night.

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    • Available in 1.7kW 1~ or 2.5kW 3~.
    • Flow rate of up to 12 litres per second.
    • Swivel nozzle with adjustable flow.
    • Easily fitted to any existing Swimming Pool.
    • On / Off pneumatic air switch.
    • Built-in illumination.
    • Telescopic legs are available for above-ground pools.
    • Compatible with massage accessories.

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