Recessed LED pool/spa light


White underwater pool or spa light made of ABS plastic, equipped with a resin-filled LED bulb of 30W, 25W or 45W that prevents water from infiltrating the light.

It comes in daylight white, warm white, blue or RGB colour, available in 14 illumination programme modes. Perfect for the use of a dimmer for daylight white and warm white colour. The light is 176mm in diameter and has a faceplate thickness of 30mm. Ideal for concrete swimming pools with white equipment; vivid illumination comes from the walls or the bottom of the pool/spa.

Manufactured in 1,5” or 2” male thread for screw mounting installation or in 63mm for push mounting installation. Exceptional chemical resistance and UV protection.

Extra Equipment, necessary for installation:
Mounting accessories:
– WC-350 + CCT-063, or
– PP-35063 + CCT-063.

Extra Equipment is required to switch the lighting program to RGB lights:
– RCP-1500: Control panel with remote control.

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    • Material: white ABS plastic.
    • IP rating: IP68 up to a depth of 1m.
    • Connection: 63mm (push mounting) or 1.5″/2″ male thread (screw mounting).
    • Light colour: daylight white, warm white, blue, or RGB.
    • Dimming ability for warm white and daylight white illumination.
    • 14 illumination programme modes.
    • 2.5m of H07RN-F, cable size 2x1mm².
    • Faceplate thickness: 30mm.
    • Dimensions: Ø 176x65mm.
    • Underwater installation.
    • Installation position: wall.
    • Type of pool: concrete.
    • UV protection & chemical resistance.
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