Skimmer for concrete


Skimmer is made of white ABS plastic.

It offers a quiet surface skimming in maximum performance. It has parallel reinforcing grooves for extra durability. It also bears a safety lock-down lid and an extra large basket which self-blocks into the skimmer’s body. A basket handle ensures easy removal of the basket. It is provided with a square cover and rubber seals that clip on the flange. The flap stopper ensures a silent flap operation.

Working site protection stickers are delivered with each unit.

Designed for concrete pools.

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    • Material: White ABS plastic.
    • Neck: 171.5mm.
    • UV protection.
    • Extra large basket with the self-blocking system into the skimmer body.
    • Safety lid.
    • Flange face plate.
    • Flap stopper.
    • 2 side exits in Ø 63mm (one for the level regulator – one for the skimmer’s blocking against the wall).
    • Vertical exit double thread (1½”/2”).
    • Flow rate: 15m³/h – 17m³/h.
    • Flow regulator valve.
    • Overflow in 50mm for a greater flow rate.
    • Guide-stickers.
    Dimensions & Performances

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