Aquablue salt chlorination system

MODEL: Resilience D7

The Aquablue is a salt chlorination system which provides clear water and a sparkling-looking swimming pool. It is suitable for all types of swimming pools, including plaster, pebble, vinyl and fibreglass.

The Aquablue system uses a very low concentration of ordinary table salt, less than the amount found in a human teardrop.

From this tiny amount of salt, the system produces chlorine, which sanitises the pool, and then converts it back into ordinary salt. This process repeats itself continually.

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    • Technologically advanced.
    • Easy operation – one main button works as the on/off switch as well as regulating chlorine output.
    • 7 steps for the rate of chlorine production.
    • Operates smoothly at wide salinity ranges of 2,000-8,000 ppm.
    • Continuous voltage supply to the cell even at lower output settings.
    • Suitable for pools up to 150 Cubic meters.


    • High salinity indicator light.
    • The boost button enables 24-hour operation at full capacity.
    • The main button acts as an ON/OFF switch and regulates chlorine production levels.
    • A feeding cable and flow switch are supplied to reduce installation time.
    • Works at full capacity in environmental temperatures of up to 45ºC.
    • Constant, continuous current is provided to the cell – for maximum water sanitation without any intervals or needs for timers.

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