Base for outdoor solar shower


An idea that combines convenience and aesthetics!

Before and after a swim, on your return from the beach or after your run, your Formidra outdoor solar shower is waiting for you. As you enjoy it and let the water run over your shoulders, keep both feet on the shower base. This will prevent you from taking the dirt!

The Formidra shower base adds value to your outdoor shower installation. Dark Coffee or Dark Grey blends perfectly with the ambience of the space you have created. It is quickly installed on any flat surface and provides an efficient means of water drainage.

The well-thought-out platform, with dimensions of 75x97cm, offers a stable space where you can easily rinse yourself.

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    • Material: High-quality wood looking composite.
    • Width: 75cm.
    • Height: 97cm.
    • Τhickness: 4.3cm.
    • Reduces the risk of slipping on wet grounds.
    • Compatible with all Formidra showers.
    • Can be installed on any flat surface.
    Dimensions & Performances

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