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15487 FNS-401/SDL

Complete fountain KIT


Complete fountain kits ideal for district and smart decoration.

Each kit includes all the necessary fountain units to form a complete fountain ready for operation. These kits are structured on a rectangular-shaped base equipped with four light units and one fountain nozzle. The base is made of stainless steel, AISI-316. The fountain nozzle can be selected from a number of different nozzles.

All of them produce unique water effects illuminated by four lights. Submersible plastic pump 1.200l/m.

A control panel and cable are also provided.

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    • Rectangular-shaped base made of steel, AISI-316.
    • Four fountain lights of 12V-35W, ULS-3.
    • Fountain nozzle: fixed de lis jet 1⅟₄”, SDL-42.
    • A submersible plastic pump of 0.35kW.
    • 5.0m of neoprene cable 3×1.5mm² and 2×2.5mm².
    • Transformer 120W.
    • Maximum spraying height: 0.70m.
    • Suitable for small-sized fountains.


    • LED light.
    • Different cable length.
    • Fountain nozzles: De Lis Jet, Mushroom Jet, Morning Glory, Turning Jet, Smooth Bore, Jet Pond.

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