15454 FNS-300-TJ
15450 FNS-300-ADL
15450 FNS-300-ADL

Complete fountain KIT


Complete fountain kit ideal for areas that need an intense, impressive decoration.

Each kit includes all the necessary fountain units to form a complete fountain ready for operation. The kit is structured on a round-shaped base equipped with three light units and one jet. The base is made of stainless steel, AISI-316 and is covered by a stainless steel, AISI-316 protection screen.

ADL-135 fountain nozzle is offering an impressive water effect of 3m height. Three lights of 120W each are illuminating the fountain water effect.

The kit is powered by a stainless steel submersible pump of 0.50kW.

A control panel and cable are also provided.

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    • Round-shaped base made of steel, AISI-316.
    • Pump protection screen made of steel, AISI-316.
    • Three fountain lights, ULF-6H12012.
    • Fountain nozzle: adjustable de lis jet 1⅟₄”, D.135mm, ADL-135.
    • Stainless steel submersible pump of 0.70kW.
    • Control panel.
    • 50m of neoprene cable 5×1.5mm².
    • Suitable for big-sized fountains.
    • Maximum spraying height: 3.0m.
    • Minimum diameter of fountain basin: 1.50m.
    • Maximum diameter of fountain basin: 2.50m.


    • Lights of 24V, 42V, 110V or LED.
    • Different cable lengths.
    • Fountain nozzles: Mushroom Jet, Morning Glory, Turning Jet, Smooth Bore, Jet Pond, Surface Αerating Jet, Cascade Family Jet.

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