Electric robot cleaner for public pools

MODEL: Clubliner Plus

High-quality materials, perfect machining and a unique filter system don’t just guarantee a long service life: They make the mariner 3S club liner unbeatable in cost efficiency.

Developed for pools up to 25 meters long, it cleans all pool floors as well as paddling pools to a water depth as little as 20cm with unmatched thoroughness.

And the Mariner 3S Clubliner also deals with your pool’s walls!

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    • Total net weight: 38Kg.
    • Dimensions of robot (WxLxH): 43 x 44 x 29cm.
    • Dimensions of robot on trolley (WxLxH): 58 x 65 x 105cm.
    • Travelling speed: 12-15m/min.
    • Maximum depth of immersion: 5m/0.5 bar.
    • Floating cable length: 25 and 30m.
    • Nominal output: 0.4kW.
    • Minimum water depth: 20cm.
    • Cleaning width: max. 530mm.
    • IP protection / Protection class: IP68 / ΙΙΙ.
    • Switch-over on wall contact.
    • Switch-over without wall contact.
    • Switch-over on inclines.
    • Setting of the start time.
    • End switch.
    • Manual operation: Wireless transmitter.
    • Emergency operation: Panel on the main control box.

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