High water level skimmer, corner shaped


An exclusive and unique design built with state-of-the-art technology fully injected 100%, one-piece body.

It is known that all suspended impurities present in water have a tendency to float towards corners and edges, this is due to the “vortex” effect of a surface area in water and also due to winds that blow on the water surface itself.

Our patented corner skimmer has a natural funnel design creating a “prime” effect on the water surface thus guaranteeing a much higher capture of suspended matter present on the water surface. This creates a suction effect that drags the impurities towards the skimmer naturally. This product is designed and built to increase the water’s level creating a similar effect as an “overflow” pool not obtainable with conventional skimmers present on the market. This innovative system guarantees not only to look like a conventional overflow pool but also to obtain a more rapid, economical and superior cleanness of the pool water.

Supplied with a floater system, it can be installed in any type of pool whether prefabricated or cement type.

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    • 100% ABS body.
    • Fully automatically injected, guaranteeing constant re-productivity all in one piece (no glue required for body and filter base).
    • High flow rates: 14m³/hour.
    • Venturi effect grants higher water levels in respect of traditional skimmers.
    • Incorporated floater system.
    • Suitable for both 50mm and/or 63mm pipes.
    • Low noise.
    • Unique design – Corner assembly.
    • Simple to maintain.
    Dimensions & Performances