Hydraulic Lift for disabled people


Composed of a tubular structure in stainless steel AISI-316L anchored to the ground by three metallic anchors that hold it, and three points of support, two located on the outside of the pool and a third located in the lower part of the elevator that is supported on the wall of the pool. There are available two commands of actuation, one located at the top of the guide axis that allows the user the actuation from outside of the water, and the other in the fastening axis, which allows the user the actuation from inside the pool.

The hydraulic lift is designed to adapt itself to the majority of the collective swimming pools in the market.

Fixing simple (anchors screwed to the pavement and points of support).

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    • Fully adjustable.
    • Maximum capacity of elevation: 120kg.
    • Radius turn of 150°.
    • Water pressure: 3 bar.
    • Synthetic material, suitable for outdoors.
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