Isothermal bubble cover roll


An essential cover for your pool.

UV-stabilized high-quality cell film that floats on the water surface. Thanks to sunlight, the air in the film’s cells heats up. When the filtration is running, the air chambers transfer heat to the pool water. Thanks to this efficient process, you can count on up to 70% heating savings. At the same time, the covering solar tarpaulin prevents unwanted water evaporation.

It is suitable for all shapes of pools and can be ordered with a stainless steel winding device.

The solar foils are supplied in a rectangular shape and can be cut to the exact shape of the pool surface quite easily.

The use of a cover roller is recommended for easy collection and storage.

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    • GEOBUBBLE technology.
    • 400 microns thick polyethylene film.
    • Anti-UV treatment, transparent.
    • Light blue colour.
    • 50m roll in 4m or 5m width.

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