LED fountain light


Underwater cast bronze and chrome-plated copper fountain light.

Equipped with a 12V-5W MR16 LED bulb in cool white, warm white, or blue colour, as well as a special insulating double flange and bronze nut as a cable entry. It comes with an H07RN-F neoprene cable with a total length of 1,65m and a stainless steel body.

The custom round stand allows the light fixture to tilt as required and provides perfect stability in the installation area.

The fixture has a height of 117mm and is ideal for application in small or medium-sized fountains and ponds equipped with calm water effects.

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    • Material: bronze chrome plated.
    • Finish: polished.
    • IP protection: IP68.
    • Light color: cool white or warm white or blue.
    • 1.65m of H07RN-F neoprene cable.
    • Porcelain socket.
    • Stainless steel fasteners.
    • Underwater installation.
    Dimensions & Performances