Filtration, Circulation, Heating & Treatment, 4 in 1

MODEL: Poolican

We are pleased to introduce you to an innovative product for the maintenance of your pool. All you need to do is connect and activate its services!

The Poolican 4 in 1, for pools up to 25m³ is a compact device placed near the pool and plugged into a mains socket.

It includes a recirculation pump, a cartridge filter, a salt electrolyser and a 5kW full Inverter and reversible heat pump.

Once installed, you can easily control your pool from your smartphone via app.

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    • 230V- 50Hz, max. power: 1.25kW.
    • Connections: 32/38mm.
    • Dimensions: 805 x 405 x 595mm.
    • Touch Screen.
    • Noise level at 10m: ≤ 35 dB.
    • Anti-UV ABS casing.
    • Easy to Install Plug & Play Operation.
    • FILTRATION: Anti-bacterial, eco-cartridge filtration Ø127 x H235.
    • HEATING: 5kW Heat pump, Full Inverter + Reversible with 3 modes: heating/cooling/auto, R32.
    • TREATMENT: salt electrolyser 5gr/h, 2 modes: normal / boost, Cell cleaning by polarity inversion.
    • CIRCULATION: 0.75hp, flow 2-4m³/h.

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