Recessed LED pool/spa light


Underwater pool or spa light, ideal for concrete/liner pools. It is a composite light of ABS plastic body and stainless steel (AISI-316) faceplate that makes it particularly chemical resistant.

Equipped with a resin-filled LED bulb of 30W, 25W or 45W that prevents water from infiltrating the light, it is available in daylight white, warm white, blue, or RGB colour with a selection among multiple illumination programmes modes.

Elegant and contemporary design that contributes to the establishment of a cosy atmosphere. It comes with a wall niche, 1 m flexible hose and a 2,5 m cable. The light is 170 mm in diameter and has a faceplate thickness of 10 mm.

Suitable for wall installation. Allows you to control the brightness with the use of a dimmer for daylight white and warm white colour.

Extra Equipment is required to switch the lighting program to RGB lights:
– RCP-1500: Control panel with remote control.

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    • Material: stainless steel (AISI-316) faceplate & white ABS plastic body.
    • IP rating: IP68 up to a depth of 1m.
    • Installation: wall niche.
    • Light colour: daylight white, warm white, blue, or RGB.
    • Dimming ability for warm white and daylight white illumination.
    • 14 illumination programme modes.
    • 2.5m of H07RN-F, cable size 2x1mm².
    • Faceplate thickness: 10mm.
    • Dimensions: Ø 170x117mm.
    • Underwater installation.
    • Installation position: wall.
    • Type of pool: concrete/liner.
    • Chemical resistance.
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