Cleaner PVC Primer


Cleaner PVC Primer is a professional-grade primer for use on all schedules and classes of PVC pipe and fittings.

It removes contaminants such as surface dirt, grease and grime and softens the pipe surface to allow for a fast, secure solvent weld.

Its clear finish will not stain most surfaces and applies easily with included in-lid dauber.

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    • Easy to apply on any diameter of PVC piping with included in-lid dauber; not recommended for use on CPVC or ABS piping installations.
    • Professional-grade clear primer for use on PVC pipe and fittings.
    • Removes surface dirt, grease and grim while pre-softening pipe.
    • Clear in colour, will not stain most surfaces.
    • Allows for a fast, secure solvent weld.
    • Recommended application temperature of -15°F to 110°F / -26°C to 43°C.

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