Cordless Robotic pool cleaner


If you need a reliable efficient, rechargeable pool cleaner, look no further!

The Wybotics WY200 wireless rechargeable robot vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning swimming pools of any shape and maximum total area (floor & walls), up to 180m². It is completely self-contained and does not require a network connection. It has advanced sensors, gyroscopes and an intelligent navigation system, thanks to which it cleans the entire pool even in the most inaccessible places.

It is equipped with powerful motors, a pump and two more durable cylindrical brushes. With their help, the robot easily absorbs dirt, sand, leaves and other contaminants. It works autonomously for up to 200 minutes, and charges extremely fast – in just 150 minutes!

In addition, intelligent navigation with an advanced 6-axis gyroscope, transom sensor and depth sensor ensures flawless cleaning. The spacious 180-micron filter stores all kinds of trash. The LED battery indicator makes it easy to care for the robot.

Start the vacuum cleaner with a touch on your smartphone screen. Also choose your preferred bottom, wall or waterline cleaning mode and combine routes in 6 different ways. Set an automatic schedule for the week ahead. The robot automatically parks itself on its side so you can pull it out with a hook.

  • Ideal for all pool shapes.
  • Incredibly effective for picking up leaves, sand, and trash.
  • Fast charging and long battery life.
  • Easy removal of the filter container.
  • Wide suction opening.
  • Operation via IOS or ANDROID mobile phone ONLY.


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    • Net weight: 8.3kg.
    • Product Size (LxDxH): 35.5 x 38.5 x 25cm.
    • Rated working voltage: 25.2V.
    • Working power: 65W.
    • Flow rate: 13m³/h.
    • Battery capacity: 6400mAh.
    • Battery type: lithium battery.
    • Running speed: 11m/min (max.)
    • Runtime: 200min (max.)
    • Maximum cleaning surface (floor & walls): 180m².
    • Cleaning Coverage: Floor, Walls and Waterline.
    • Pool Classification: Above Ground & In Ground.
    • Pool Surfaces: Pvc, Concrete, Vinyl Liner, Mosaic, etc.
    • 6 Intelligent paths planning.
    • Charging time: ~ 2.5h.
    • Filter density: 180μm.
    • Water depth: 2m (max.)
    • Motor quantity: 2 driving motors and 1 pump.
    • IP grade: IPX8.
    • Storage temperature: 5°C-35°C.
    • App /Remote Control: Bluetooth /App Control.
    • Required Operating System:
      – iOS 14.0 or later.
      – Android 8.0 or later.

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