10547 JC1
4173 JSL2
10547 JC1
4173 JSL2

Counter-current system

MODEL: Calipso

Easy to install, this equipment turns your swimming pool into a bubbly water stream.

It forces water and air at high speed, providing different flows, as desired by the user, to get the required resistance to swim front.

Easy to install.

Extra Equipment, necessary for installation:
– CP-250: Electro-pneumatic panel.
– KARPA/HCP1000 pump.

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    • Swinging and adjustable nozzle Ø 40mm (water-air).
    • Front part of attractive design with built-in pneumatic push-button.
    • Housing for pre-installation.
    • Electro pump KARPA/HCP 1000 series, power according to model.
    • Electro-pneumatic panel for pump control and protection.
    • PVC complete kit (pipe not included).
    Additional equipment

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