10607 Control box
10607 Control box

Counter-current system

MODEL: Jet Swim 2000

An exclusive counter-current unit with different settings. Jet Swim is an apparatus used for training, exercise and recreation.

The airflow that is mixed with the jet streams, is adjusted by turning the air knob on the front. It is just as simple to adjust the water flow.

Complete Jet Swim consists of Jet Swim, housing kit, pump and control box.

Suitable for installation in concrete, wood or liner.

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    • Jet Swim housing made of bronze and front of polished acid-proof stainless steel AISI-316 for mounting in concrete, wood or building block walls.
    • Bronze pump with 4.0kW motor.
    • Control box including contactor and overload protection.
    • Air mixture control.
    • Air mixture hose.
    • Hose connectors.
    • Hose clamps.
    • Hoses for suction and pressure.
    • Valves.
    Dimensions & Performances

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