Domestic floating fountain with LED lights


Fountains with special floaters make them float on the water so that the fountain system does not need to stand on the bottom of a basin. Their floater carries all of the fountain’s equipment, offering clever underwater covering of the mechanic parts while operating and creating beautiful water effects 3-3.5m up into the air.

They are ideal for private swimming pools, hotels, aqua parks, ponds, etc. It is a unique decoration, as the fountains become a beautiful part wherever they are placed, looking extremely impressive, especially during the night!

The systems are supplied complete with their floater ring, nozzles, lights, pump & cable.

Each unit is handed over assembled, the installation will only take a few minutes and there is no extra work to be done. The handles located on the floater make the placement and removal of the whole system out of the pool fast and easy.

The fountains only need to be connected to electrical power.

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    • Floater made of polyethylene.
    • Stainless steel spray ring D.80cm, Ø28 mm.
    • Adjustable smooth bores of 1⅛”, ASB-180, are placed on every 10cm of the rings.
    • One De Lis jet 1¼”, ADL-135.
    • Stainless steel pump with 0.5kW installed on a special cast bronze chrome plated base.
    • Four RGB LED fountain lights, ULFD-6A9-M.
    • 15m of H07RNF cable 3×1.5mm² for the pump and 15m x 3x1mm², for the LED lights.
    • Control panel with transformer.
    • Water height performance: 3.0m.
    • Weight: 22kg.


    • 60-circle pump.
    • Different cable length.
    Dimensions & Performances

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