Fiberglass sand filter

MODEL: Triton I & Triton II

One-piece, fibreglass reinforced tank with UV-resistant coating.

Easy-to-read top-mounted pressure gauge with manual air relief.

A 360° diffuser to keep the sand bed flat for optimum filtration, has a “swing-away” design for instant access to the sand.

Easy-to-use water drain for simplified service and winterizing. All filter fittings are threaded for easy servicing.

Also available with ClearPro® Technology.

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    • Max pressure: 3.5 bar.
    • Filtration speed: 50m³/h/m².
    • Multiport valve: Included.
    Dimensions & Performances
    ModelDiameter (mm)Α (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)G (mm)H (mm)I (mm)
    F-19S8-TRV / F-19S8-TRCP48082540048025212087646352470
    F-24S8-TRV / F-24S8-TRCP610955400610252120100653059270
    F-30S8-TRV / F-30S8-TRCP7621095610762302160114659067170
    F-36S8-TRV / F-36S8-TRCP9141200610914302160125165773870
    Additional equipment