Float line “Moscow”


Racing float lines in different colours for competition swimming pools.

Moscow float lines consist of a combination of float ball/anti-waving disk floater/float ball, all lined in a stainless steel cord. The float lines distinguish the pool lanes for the swimmers and according to the international regulations the first and final 5m of floaters of the Moscow line are usually made in red or orange colour combined with white balls. The intermediate meters are coloured white combined with red or orange coloured balls.

The special design of the disks allows them to rotate independently, a system which causes turbulence produced by waves that the swimmers create during a race. The strong wave flow is absorbed faster and more efficiently, dispersing the energy produced along the stainless steel cord in order to optimize pool conditions during practice sessions and competitions.

The lines are supplied already assembled, ready to be positioned and anchored in the water.

Line hook and line tensor to be ordered separately.

Extra Equipment, necessary for installation:
– OLA-100: Line anchor cup for float line (overflow pools).
– LA-100S: Line anchor for float line (skimmer pools).
– LH-106: Stainless steel line hook for float line.
– FLT-100: Float line tensor.

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    • Anti-wave float line.
    • Unsinkable, durable blown polyethylene floaters.
    • Disk Ø138mm – ball Ø86mm.
    • White, intense red, orange, blue colour.
    • Stainless steel rope.
    • Special colours for floaters (on request).
    • Special colour combinations (on request).

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