Laminated sand filter


Fibreglass filter with polyester reinforcement.
Steady leg-base for perfect filter stability.
Strong closing lid with stainless steel stud bolts and nuts.
Wide 500mm top opening.
Drain-bottom cap.
Attractive gelcoat gloss finishes in black colour.

Air relief valve/pressure gauge provided.

Improved edition: Including a full set of flangers/adaptors and nuts, screws, gaskets and washers.

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    2.5 BAR

    • Max pressure: 2.5kg/cm².
    • Operating pressure: 0.5-2kg/cm².
    • Testing pressure: 5kg/cm².
    • Max water temperature: 40°C.
    • Filtration bed depth:
      – 80cm for BPN-105 & BPN-125.
      – 100cm for BPN-140 up to BPN-200.
    • Filtration system using arm collector.

    4 BAR

    • Max pressure: 4kg/cm².
    • Operating pressure: 3.5-4kg/cm².
    • Testing pressure: 6kg/cm².
    • Max water temperature: 40°C.
    • Filtration bed depth:
      – 80cm for BPN-1054 & BPN-1254.
      – 100cm for BPN-1404 up to BPN-2004.
    • Filtration system using arm collector.
    Dimensions & Performances
    ModelDiameter (mm)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)
    BPN-105 + BPN-1054105010506303701090
    BPN-125 + BPN-1254125013108104101290
    BPN-140 + BPN-14041400165010306101440
    BPN-160 + BPN-1604160016009655601640
    BPN-180 + BPN-18041800190013257551840
    BPN-200 + BPN-20042000217014008502040
    Additional equipment