Leisure activity matting

MODEL: Floorline

With regular cleaning, Floorline will never lose its smart appearance.

It does not absorb water or other liquids and it both reduces breakages and offers insulation from cold or damp floors.

It is quick and easy to fit, even into awkwardly shaped areas.

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    • Robust, tubular and cushioned flexible grid structure.
    • The embossed top surface provides slip resistance.
    • One piece, lightweight, the format makes it easy to roll up for cleaning.
    • Hygienic and extremely hardwearing.
    • Provides cushioned comfort and contours itself to the floor.
    • Impervious to most liquids, including acid, oil and alcohol.
    • Effective inside & outdoors.
    • Height from ground 6mm.
    • Available colours: red (non-UV-resistant), blue, green, beige, white and black.
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