Open pipe clip

MODEL: 7128

Plastic pipe fittings are designed to support and fasten the pipes.

Used in the assembly of the pipes to the wall (vertically and horizontally), to the ceiling, and to the ground.

Available in many dimensions and for various applications.

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    Dimensions & Performances
    712802020Without clip16533263420
    712802525Without clip16538304025
    712803232Without clip16548354532
    712804040Without clip18554435540
    712805050With clip22865507950
    712806363With clip25879589463
    712807575With clip279947911975
    712809090With clip3091109013990
    7128110110With clip309137108169110
    7128125125With clip308,5165110178124
    7128140140With clip308,5197110186139
    7128160160With clip308,5218127,5213159
    7128200200With clip308,5274155263199

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