Pipe clamp with triphone without rubber


Galvanized pipe fittings are designed to support and fasten the pipes.

Used in the assembly of the pipes to the wall (vertically and horizontally), to the ceiling, and to the ground.

Available in many dimensions and for various applications.

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    Dimensions & Performances
    CodeSizeClaming ragne (mm)L (mm)H (mm)MSxB (mm)NQuantity per box
    NTCL0103/8”15-205282,5M51,0×20Ø 7×70200
    NTCL0151/2”19-2354,584M51,0×20Ø 7×70200
    NTCL0203/4”26-3062,588M51,0×20Ø 7×70150
    NTCL0251”32-3568,591M51,0×20Ø 7×70150
    NTCL03211/4”39-437694,5M51,0×20Ø 7×70150
    NTCL04011/2”45-5191,599M51,0×20Ø 7×70100
    NTCL0502”60-65105105,5M51,2×20Ø 7×7075
    NTCL06521/2″74-82126114M61,5×25Ø 7×7075
    NTCL1004″109-117161131,5M61,5×25Ø 7×7025
    NTCL110116-125116-125170136M61,5×25Ø 7×7015

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