7986 LSRI-205
7664 LSRI-205/SFT
7664 LSRI-205/SFT

S.S. water return inlet


Return inlets injection moulded made of high-strength ABS and stainless steel AISI-316.

Two types of eyeballs, STANDARD or SAFETY (compliant to ΕΝ-13451), are directional in various orifices.

Suitable for liner pools.


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    • Body made of highly resistant ABS material and face made of stainless steel AISI-316.
    • Available eyeballs: STANDARD or SAFETY (EN-13451 compliant).
    • Available orifice for STANDARD eyeball: 8, 12, 16, 20mm (supplied with standard eyeball size Ø20. Otherwise, please indicate required size).
    • Flow rate/eyeball orifice:
      – Ø8: 1.5m³/h
      – Ø12: 2.5m³/h
      – Ø16: 3.5m³/h
      – Ø20: 5.0m³/h
    • Bronze inserts for reinforcement.
    • Self-locking joints, screws and fixing nuts.
    • Designed for liner swimming pools.
    • UV protection.
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