5631 Surface
5639 Ημιεντοιχιζόμενο
5639 Ημιεντοιχιζόμενο

Self-standing filtration system, 8m³/h flow rate

MODEL: Mini Sack & Mini Cartridge

Self-standing filtration systems are manufactured with strong polyester and other composite structure, which are resistant to outside weather and UV light.

Highly attractive exterior finishes fitted with self-priming pumps with silex sand, filter bag or cartridge filters.

Produced in a range of models to suit swimming pools from 30m³ water volume up to 140m³ of water volume. There is no need for any buried piping installation.

They are fully assembled at the factory and only need to be installed at the side of the swimming pool, fixed to the structure and connected to the mains electricity supply and a drain.

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    • Provided with a sack or cartridge filter, 8m³/h flow rate.
    • Available in surface or buried version.
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