MODEL: D850E & D950E

Water evaporating from the surface of a swimming pool and from other wet objects and surfaces increases the humidity of the air and results in hazy and stuffy air in the hall. Simultaneously water condenses in coοler parts of the hall such as windows, walls, ceiling etc. Water condensation is not only an aesthetic defect but will also, in the long run, cause structural damage.

There are two methods for drying air in humid spaces:
A. Drying by ventilation.
B. Drying by means of heat pumps.

The dehumidifier is designed as a heat pump, and so has a considerable advantage over the ventilation system from an energy-saving point of view. The dehumidifier is equipped with a fan which draws in the humid air and blows it through the evaporator, cooling the air and condensing the water. In the condenser, the air is reheated and released again at a higher temperature. All the electric components and wires are located in a hermetically sealed junction box.

By using an external hygrostat the relative humidity in the swimming pool hall can be adjusted between 50-80%.

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