Heat pump “Green Energy”


High-quality heat pumps have become one of the best low-cost options to produce “Green Energy”.

Systems that are able to reduce energy usage and consumption are becoming more and more important.

Heat pumps represent a highly efficient and environmentally friendly technology as most of the energy required to generate heat is taken from the freely available surrounding air, a renewable and inexhaustible source of energy.

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    • Oversized coated energy collector (air coils) – higher COP.
    • Titanium class A1 double-coil heat exchanger.
    • Active auto-charged defrosting system – higher COP.
    • Digital display.
    • Waterproof display and control panel.
    • Backwash feature for the sand filter.
    • Strong Galvanized casing – no corrosion.
    • Bottom heater to prevent ice formation.
    • Vertical airflow.
    • Easy connection to the water system.
    • Scroll compressor.
    • Flow switch protection.
    • High/low-pressure switch protection.
    • Operating range: -50°C up to 40°C.

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