Electric heater with titanium heating element

MODEL: Midi Heat

This electric swimming pool heater with digital control is an effective heater for larger public swimming pools.

The heater is equipped with a thermostat, overheating cut out and flow switch.

Midi-Heat is also equipped with automatic fuses for extra protection.

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    • Digital temperature control 8-45°C.
    • Master/slave – connect up to nine heaters and control them with a master.
    • Activation delay – adjustable delay time for the sequential start of the heating elements, 5-60 sec.
    • Temperature offset – manually adjust the actual pool temperature, up to ±4°C.
    • Restore factory settings – option for resetting all settings.
    • Error codes – automatic storing of the last ten error messages.
    • Midi-Heat has two built-in contractors for each element.
    • Capacity 18-72kW.
    • Connect up to nine heaters and control them with a master unit.
    • Midi-Heat is made of a powder-coated zinc sheet. Heat barrel in glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene.
    • Heating elements of titanium.
    • Equipped with overheating limit control and flow switch.
    • Third-party tested and certified.
    • Minimum flow 170 L/min.
    • Maximum flow 300 L/min.
    • Max pressure: 2 bar.
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