Pressure control


HYDRAPRESS is a compact device intended for the control and protection of electric pumps up to 3hp.

Its patented system, through the use of sensors for the detection of the flow rate and the pressure connected to an electronic card, controls the start and stop of the electric pump, guaranteeing its operation is optimal and protecting it against any lack of water in the suction.

Pressure reading and regulation are performed by a pressure transducer, which guarantees maximum precision.

HYDRAPRESS replaces traditional autoclave systems, drastically reducing overall dimensions and eliminating all operations of periodic maintenance.

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    • Replaces the expansion tank.
    • Gives a start order to the pump when there is a pressure failure on the net.
    • Interrupts the operation of the pump when there is no water in the net.
    • Control range of network start-up pressure 0-10 bar with programmed starting pressure at 1.5 bar.
    • Auto-restart in case of malfunction.
    • Automatic retest when the dry run protection system is out of order every 30 minutes continuously for 24 hours.
    • Contains a pressure regulator, non-return valve, and 3 led indicators (Power/Start/Flow-Water shortage).
    • Easy to install with zero maintenance.
    • Electronic circuit with protective cover, easy to replace.
    • Overload protection.
    Dimensions & Performances
    Power supply voltageMax currentMax pump powerStart up pressureMax operating pressureMax water temperatureMax environment temperatureProtection classSuction depresion-diameter
    1~90-260V, 50/60 Hz16 A3 HP10 bar15 bar80°C40°CIP681″

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