Digital pressure control SWITCHMATIC 2


SWITCHMATIC 2 is an electronic pressure switch with a digital pressure selector. It can manage the start and stop of a single-phase electric pump up to 3HP (2.2kW).

The start and stop pressure can be set easily and precisely thanks to a simple control panel. The electrical connection is identical to that of traditional prostatic systems. It can operate with differential pressure or as a reverse pressure switch, or again only with minimum pressure or maximum pressure.

The SWITCHMATIC 2 version also has the possibility of instant current reading, in addition to the control and management of overcurrents, protection against dry running, and protection against fast cycling.

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    • Start and shutdown management of a single-phase pump up to 2.2kW (3HP).
    • Setting range 0.5 – 7 bar.
    • Protection against dry pump operation.
    • Overvoltage protection.
    • Maximum pressure switch.
    • Minimum pressure switch.
    • Automatic system reset after unintentional power failure.
    • Built-in pressure gauge.
    Dimensions & Performances
    VoltageAmberEngine powerMaximum differentialAmbient temperatureWater temperatureStart-up pressureStop pressureProtection classInlet thread
    115-230V 50/60Hz16 A≤ 3 HP7.5 bar≤ 600 – 50°C0.5 – 7 bar1 – 8 barIP 55G 1/4″ F

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