Protective pool fence with mesh


Preassembled protection fencing with posts attached to the mesh.

Individual mesh sections of 1m up to 4m long and 1.2m in height, do not allow children to climb over. An inox-proof hook is mounted at the end of each section. This fixing between each panel constitutes also access to the pool.

The fence comes complete, including sleeves, caps and safety latch for complete installation.

Available in 2 colours (Anthracite grey and Chocolate). Other colours are available upon request.

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    • Polyester mesh coated with PVC.
    • Aluminium posts.
    • Anti-impact and anti-shock rubber cap.
    • No holds for children to climb.
    • The fabric will not injure a child who falls on the fence.
    • Toys can’t pass through or under the fence.
    • The transparent fabric allows easy supervision.
    • It doesn’t lose its shape and doesn’t warp.
    • Treated anti-ultraviolet.
    • Protection for animals.
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