6477 PFP250-2
6479 PFP250-2-TF
6477 PFP250-2
6479 PFP250-2-TF

Stainless steel prefilters with removable basket


The PFP series of prefilters with extractable baskets are entirely made of AISI-304 or AISI-316 stainless steel.

In both cases, the inside baskets, with a standard Ø 6mm perforation (different perforations), are made of AISI 316. The PFP250… AP models can function at working pressures up to 8 bar, while all the other models can function at a working pressure of 3 bar max.

With the PFP…TF models, the untreated water plunges into the filtering basket from above, while the untreated water flows directly into the filtering basket in all the other models.

The inlet and outlet connections have UNI-ISO 228/1 threading or UNI 6090-67 Pn 16 free flanges.

Two couplings are welded onto the cover and on the lower convex bottom for air inlet and venting and to empty the prefilter.

The cover is closed by a clamp with a lever which is extremely simple and reliable.

External and/or internal electropolishing may be done on request.

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    Dimensions & Performances
    ModelsA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)
    PFP250 SS 304-2” TF315495583712293
    PFP250 SS 316-2” TF315495583712293
    PFP250 SS 304-DN50 TF290320413542375
    PFP250 SS 316-DN50 TF290320413542375
    PFP250 SS 304-DN65 TF315495583712375
    PFP250 SS 316-DN65 TF315495583712375
    PFP250 SS 304-2” 120150233362293
    PFP250 SS 316-2”120150233362293
    PFP250 SS 304-2" AP250290340150120
    PFP250 SS 316-2" AP250290340150120
    PFP250 SS 304-65290320413542375
    PFP250 SS 316-65290320413542375
    PFP250 SS 304-65 AP250375516320290
    PFP250 SS 316-65 AP250375516320290

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