High Performance Pool Pumps

Pool pumps or recirculation pumps, in combination with the pool filters, are the basic equipment for the cleanliness, hygiene and clarity of the pool water and the main part of the filtration system. The recirculation capacity, durability and efficiency that a pool pump can have, are the main characteristics that are taken into account for its selection in each project. Each pump operates with a specialized motor with different rotation frequencies (rpm), depending on the need. Acqua Source SA, offers a wide range of high-quality pool pumps, made in Greece, such as high-volume self-priming pumps, super-quiet, centrifugal, suitable for all pools, hydrotherapy/spa and counter-current. Ideal for any occasion!

Acqua Source, with headquarters in Athens, specializes in the manufacture of pool products of high standards, such as electric pool pumps of high efficiency and capabilities that are necessary for the proper operation of the pool. Pumps with large pre-filter for strong filtration, self-priming, specially designed to carry enough water for counter-current, large or small volume, for fresh or seawater. Knowing that both the choice of a pump and the power of its motor play a crucial role in the smooth operation and cleanliness of the pool water, Acqua Source proposes solutions according to the respective specifications, requirements and budget of each project.

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