9217 AGI-118
9215 AGI-119
9217 AGI-118
9215 AGI-119

Water cannon ITHACA

MODEL: AGI-118 & AGI-119

Stainless steel modern designs that become top-decorative figures in the pool and continuously give impressive water effects.

There is a variety of different games. Each of them splashes water in a unique way turning the pool into an enjoyable place. Unique effects like an umbrella, straight water lines, waterfalls, water curtains, etc.

They are the ideal addition for pools that are in the process of construction or pools that are under renovation and need to improve their looks.

A selection of one model or a combination of more offers joy to the swimmers.

They are perfectly suitable for residential and commercial pools. Made of pure stainless steel AISI-316.

Anchor is not needed.

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