Winter solid cover

MODEL: Lake 550

Made to measure, the Lake cover allows you to spend a peaceful winter!

The sturdiness of the materials and the fixings ensure that the cover is perfectly tensioned, offering an uncompromisingly aesthetic appearance.

Anti-UV and fungicide treated, it will keep all its qualities over time.


Accessories: Standard, Luxe ή Safety.
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    • Weight 550g/m².
    • Material opacity keeps the water in the darkness. Photosynthesis and algae development are limited during winter.
    • A central drainage mesh allows the flow of rainwater and keeps away leaves and dirt.
    • 316L grade double eyelets on PVC protection make the resistance to tension stronger and provide safer and more reliable attachment over time.
    • Maximum 6x14m in-ground pool.
    • Treated against UV and fungicide.
    • The resistance of the mesh and the tense fixation allows effective protection.
    • Easy to tense.
    • Regularly hose down the cover to prevent leaves from accumulating and decomposing on it.
    • Do not use abrasives or solvents to clean the cover.
    • After opening the pool, clean and dry the cover thoroughly. Store it in a dry place.
    • Clean the holes in the pitons or cover them with a hole protector so that they do not become blocked.
    • 3 years guarantee.
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