Fire protection motor pump

MODEL: Pool Sam

Are you looking for essential preventive solutions to our country’s increasingly frequent fires? In the battle against fire, POOL SAM and your pool are your allies!

While waiting for the arrival of the firefighters, use your pool water and create a protective barrier zone to limit the occurrence or deal with small fires that threaten your space.

It has 2 functional positions: “Attack”, where the water stream is straight and targeted to stop the fire, and “Defense”, with a wider and more dispersed throw that aims to protect against heat and fumes.

It is an extremely reliable fire protection solution, with a 7 hp diesel engine, a full autonomy of 4 hours and 16m³/h capacity.

It also includes a 25-meter hose with a water jet radius of 25 meters, thus able to cover a total distance of 50 meters from the pool.

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    • Fire nozzle with adjustable water flow and jet.
    • 2 positions of use: attack & defence.
    • 16m³/h capacity.
    • Reach up to 25m.
    • 4-cycle, 7 HP heat engine.
    • 25-Meter hose.
    • Up to 4h autonomy.
    • Guillemins couplings included.

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