High-performance pump


This high-performance pump is made of glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastics. Lightweight and easy to install.

Usage: large pools, spas, water features.

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    • Turbine made of reinforced Noryl.
    • High-performance TEFC motor.
    • Strainer with transparent cover for easy maintenance.
    • Elevated base to ensure proper motor ventilation.
    • Operates at 50Hz / 2.850rpm, IP55, class F insulation.
    • This pump is suitable to be used for saltwater and seawater.
    Dimensions & Performances
    ModelHPA (mm)
    KAP250 M (HCP38251E) 2,50 (1 phase)760
    KAP250 T1 IE3 (HCP38253E1)2,50 (3 phase)760
    KAP300 M (HCP38301E) 3,00 (1 phase)760
    KAP300 T1 IE3 (HCP38303E1)3,00 (3 phase)760
    KAP350 T1 IE3 (HCP38353E1)3,50 (3 phase)801
    KAP450 T1 IE3 (HCP38453E1)4,50 (3 phase)801
    KAP550 T1 IE3 (HCP38553E1)5,50 (3 phase)815

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