Inverter pool pump with speed drive


New range of pool pumps compounded by the new inverter e-Life and the new high-efficiency synchronous motors with permanent magnets.

The combination of these two innovative technologies, assures us of energy savings of up to 80% compared to the traditional pumps.

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    • Incorporates specially developed software for pump automation with easy and intuitive programming.
    • Very significant energy savings that can reach more than 80% of the energy cost.
    • Extremely silent (≈ 40dB).
    • Total adaptability, speed range from 600rpm to 2.850rpm. The pump automatically sets to the point of maximum savings.
    • Great versatility, one single model to any size of the pool from 15m³ to 450m³. Not necessary to have different pumps, our e-Life is able to control filtration, backwashing and vacuuming in any situation.
    • Brushless motor with permanent magnets, which reduces the engine temperature and extends the life of bearings and mechanical parts.
    • High Protection, the parameters set during programming protect your pump, installation, filter and users.
    • Integrated connectivity to manage salt chlorinator, heat pump, lights, etc.
    • Large LCD display where all necessary information is clearly reflected.
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